Getting My Horse Fix

Although my life has changed considerably since 2011 and no longer revolves around all things horse, I do still get my ‘fix’ in various ways. I still have my large lad, ‘The Ginger Ninja/Whinger’ who celebrated his 15th birthday two days ago (15?! Gosh, I’ve had him since he was 11 months old.)

He has gone from this –

11 months old. Scruffy, wormy, unweaned and matted coat with a layer of cattle muck!

11 months old. Scruffy, wormy, unweaned and matted coat with a layer of cattle muck!

To backing at three and a half –


To the first competition –

Bod and Kayti 001

Everyday life –


And now as a friend and part of the family, not ridden much but loved as much as any horse deserves –


He has horse friends, food, water and all of his basic needs catered for. Gets his bum scratched, the odd packet of mints and I really do not think he minds not being ridden. Some say it is a waste. I think the true waste is indiscriminately breeding in the hope of making money and filling slaughter houses and rescue centres with unwanted horses. But that is just my opinion!

Anyway, today was a ‘horse fix’ day. I mixed dog walks with horse checks –


Lucy Lou is very good at checking. Unfortunately, like most collies, she is a nose snapper but old Woody is wise to her wicked ways.

Bod had his mints and a scratch and then said he’d had enough, thankyou very much –


He had important things to do –


Once a month I do three days of pony feeds and checks for a friend who has regular hospital treatment. These are some of my favourite ponies in the whole wide world! ‘Wee Dougie’ always welcomes me with a bow and an offer of a ‘hoof shake.’


I feel that all of my clients should be doing this as it makes me feel very important.

His ‘girls’ are fabulously woolly, wonderfully cuddly and I adore them all, even if I usually just see their bums –


They are Highlands (mainly) and Highlands are VERY good at looking after their digestive systems.

I did a little ‘pony plucking’ today as the elderly palomino ‘Orrin’ hangs onto her coat for grim death until she is absolutely sure that winter is over –


Young Thomas Jones greeted me at the yard when I took the feed buckets back. He is highly bred with a fish-wife screech and could give ‘Grumpy Cat’ a run for her money with his facial expressions –


He had taken time out from his ornithology studies at the bird feeders –


Terrible pic I’m afraid as it was taken through a window but there is a lovely crowd of goldfinches who visit the Niger seed feeders – I could watch them for hours. There are other visitors too, not so wild –


I went home covered in hair and ‘whiffing’ of horse, molasses and stable aromas – the best smell in the world!


2 thoughts on “Getting My Horse Fix

  1. I totally agree with you on the “Waste of a horse” remark. Yes I’ve been guilty of saying such things in the past, but age (Ha I sound about a hundred!!!) has given me perspective & the ability (mostly) to see things from all angles. I’m sure there are loads of people (in the Irish dressage world for starters) who would say Aero is wasted here with me but hey he’s happy, I’m happy… that’s what matters… rosettes and competition stress are not important, a contented horse is.

    • EXACTLY! And very true about age and perspective too. Being limited by illness has given me a different outlook too. Bod is content being a horse. Simple as that. :-)

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